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Sunday December 17, 2017

Missionary Biographies





John Piper wrote


“Biographies have served as much as any other human force

in my life to resist the inertia of mediocrity.

Without them I tend to forget what joy there is

in relentless God-besotted labour and aspiration”


Since my conversion in 1967 I have read hundreds of biographies, because carefully selected Christian biographies combine many essential aspects which we need, but because of limited available time, we are not able to pursue. Good biography is HISTORY and guards us against chronological snobbery. It is also THEOLOGY – the most powerful kind – because it bursts forth from the lives of people. It is also ADVENTURE and suspense for which we have a natural hunger. It is PSYCHOLOGY and PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, which deepens our understanding of human nature. Good biographies of great Christians make for remarkable efficient reading.

I have bound together my work on four of my heroes, Edwards, Livingstone, Brainerd and Carey. Perhaps I have devoted more time to the lives of these great missionaries than to any other non-biblical person. Listen to the prayer of Livingstone:

“My Jesus, my king, my life, my all.

I again devote my whole life to Thee.

Accept me and grant O gracious Father,

that before this year is gone

I may finish my task. In Jesus name …

Stories of grace, deep inspiration, unbelievable challenge, the very best entertainment ….. I would love to encourage you to read biographies.

Enjoy these little cameos of four giants!

Yours in Missions



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